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Services We Provide

Refurbishing Existing Terrazzo

Existing terrazzo can be expensive to replace, thus considering patching and refinishing existing terrazzo is a great option for many Establishments that want to give a new look to a space with terrazzo installed.

This process can include sealing cracks in the floor, patching holes with a matching design in damaged sections, scraping decades of wax off and completely regrinding and repolishing the floor.

Pouring New Terrazzo


Terrazzo is a composite material comprised of a single type or mixture of aggregates combined with either a cement or epoxy base to create floors, stairs, or base. (All of which are services we provide) This is then ground and polished to create an even finish that looks beautiful. 




Terrazzo is unique in the sense that it can range in design from a totally unified aesthetic to a totally custom design that is seamlessly integrated. This allows for logos, designs, patterns, and symbols that can represent your Establishment or create a level of artistic expression.


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